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What Qualities Should a CEO Have?

A CEO should be focused on the people served by the company. Not only should the CEO be mindful of the customers—the CEO needs to be the kind of transformational leader that his or her employees will follow. The CEO also needs to have a strong connection and trust built with the other C-suite leaders […]

Bobby Chacko Discusses Diversity in Workplace Leadership

As a child of immigrant parents, an immigrant himself and an Indian CEO in charge of a major American enterprise company, Bobby Chacko believes diversity in workplace leadership is crucial. He spent nearly three decades traveling to over 30 companies. Perspectives from Culture and Background are Crucial He says companies need to incorporate more perspectives […]

Productivity Tips from CEO Bobby Chacko

As an experienced CEO and exec in the business world, Bobby Chacko has long been focused on productivity. Focus on Productivity He says business leaders need to work smarter. Rather than focus on spending more time at work, Bobby Chacko says the goal has to be on an efficient workflow. His tips include: Outlining tasks […]

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Bobby Chacko Reflects on 25 Years as a Transformational Leader in Business

Entrepreneur and executive Bobby Chacko looks back on more than two decades of success as a business leader in driving equality and sustainability. For 25 years, entrepreneur and executive Bobby Chacko has been a transformational leader in business, driving progress, equality, and sustainability across multiple industries. Working with iconic brands in category-leading companies including Mars, AB InBev, […]

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Business Executive Bobby Chacko Discusses the Key Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

Business executive Bobby Chacko discusses how to maintain diversity in the workplace and why it’s essential. The business world is constantly becoming more globalized. Industry experts explain that diversity within the workplace can result in several advantages for the employer, employees, and the success of the company as a whole. Bobby Chacko is a business […]