What Qualities Should a CEO Have?

A CEO should be focused on the people served by the company. Not only should the CEO be mindful of the customers—the CEO needs to be the kind of transformational leader that his or her employees will follow. The CEO also needs to have a strong connection and trust built with the other C-suite leaders at the top of the company.

Bobby Chacko has spent time in leadership roles for a number of big companies. Most recently, he was President and CEO at Ocean Spray where he led innovative renovation for the 90-year-old corporation.

CEOs Have to be Able to Inspire Change

The CEO takes on one of the hardest roles, says Chacko. They lead the charge and sometimes have to make unpopular decisions. A lot of pressure is put on the leaders at the top. They have to be able to see pitfalls before they actually show up.

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