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Business Executive Bobby Chacko Discusses Key Elements of Revitalizing a Tired Brand

 Bobby Chacko recently discussed the key elements of revitalizing a tired brand.

A tired brand isn’t a dead brand. Business executive Bobby Chacko recently discussed how a tired brand or business can be revitalized into one that thrives again. First, he explained that some major changes need to be made, as continuing the same habits will only cause more harm to an already flailing brand.

“Trends change in the business world just as they do in the fashion world,” Bobby Chacko said. “Sometimes your company just needs a mirror for a reality check and some humble pie to realize consumers vote with their wallets, not with likes and smiley emojis .”

Bobby Chacko explained that the concept of a “brand refresh” is nothing new, and it’s something brands in all industries need to do to stay relevant. Bobby Chacko stated that a brand refresh can be as simple as a change of logo, or it can be as serious as changing the entire company strategy and brand reference point. Marketing experts like Bobby Chacko suggest revisiting your brand’s purpose on why it exists is a great exercise to see if that simple question can be answered effectively.  Understanding the likeability and usability of the brand with varying ages and lifestyle consumer cohorts will shed powerful insights.

“Revitalizing a tired brand can also be as simple as bringing me some new products,” Bobby Chacko said. “It’s easy for years to go by with your tired old product promotion  and packaging schtick that salespeople love till retailers start taking away shelf space”

Bobby Chacko added that simple updates can make a major impact on the relevancy of your brand. Innovation is constantly adapting, and your brand needs to serve new use occasions in creative needs states, if you are struggling to understand your consumer, you’re behind the times. Recommendations include incorporating connecting relevant messages that resonate with target consumers into your marketing campaign, taking updated lifestyle cues to incorporate into advertising, and even refreshing your sales pitch with more gravitas. Bobby Chacko explained that, across the board, society is becoming more visual, and revitalizing your brand means creating more arresting visuals, vibes, and sticky user-generated content leveraging new social mediums including Insta, Tik Tok, and Reddit.

“It’s important to remember that revitalization begins with igniting passion from within the company,” Bobby Chacko said. “Those seeking to make the change need to discuss key issues with staff members and see where they think the business can improve.”  Culture is at the heart of revitalization.  If the culture of the brand and company are tired and deteriorating, then surely that spills into the products and service.  Change it and do it fast.

Bobby Chacko explained that, many times, those who are working for the company day in and day out know where the company is lacking most. He stated that they may know where advancements are being held up or can clue you into management issues. Many times, the issues holding the company back from growth can be discovered and resolved quickly by asking hardworking and progessive employees.

“Revitalizing a brand is a team effort, and it’s something that everyone should be excited about,” Bobby Chacko said. “Get all facets of the company involved in the process, and you’ll likely see that your team takes a lot of pride in the success of your brand. Growth and productivity are practically guaranteed to follow.”  There is nothing like seeing a turnaround of a brand and happy customers and consumers.  It’s an emotional journey, but very rewarding.


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