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Business Executive Bobby Chacko Discusses the Key Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

Business executive Bobby Chacko discusses how to maintain diversity in the workplace and why it’s essential.

The business world is constantly becoming more globalized. Industry experts explain that diversity within the workplace can result in several advantages for the employer, employees, and the success of the company as a whole. Bobby Chacko is a business executive with roughly three decades of experience working in more than 30 international markets. He recently discussed how employers can maintain diversity in the workplace and why diversity is an essential part of success.

Bobby Chacko stated that it’s important to remember that diversity can mean a number of things. In some cases, it means color and nationality. In other cases, it means gender or other characteristics, like weight, education, religion, socio-economic status, thought process, political affiliation, and more. It’s normal for those performing the hiring to let their unconscious bias weigh on the decision-making process. This can lead to them hiring people who are similar to them, even if that’s not their intention.

“The most powerful reality is our differences. That is a team’s most valuable catalyst to understanding how to tackle the most complex issues and find solutions that work and truly have an impact for progress,” Bobby Chacko added.

Bobby Chacko explained that all problems have multiple solutions. The most informed problems tend to pick the right solution, and diversity of thought gets you there. Bobby Chacko stated that it is all about choice at the end. When a problem arises in a diverse workplace, people come together to solve it in a variety of ways. These unique and creative solutions result in quicker problem-solving. This diverse creativity can also be used to make sound decisions regarding operations and more.

Bobby Chacko explained that it’s essential for business executives and managers to create a culture that helps employees succeed. He stated that those handling the company’s hiring need to hire the correct person for the job and ensure the culture of the workplace helps them thrive in that position.

Bobby Chacko added that hiring a tremendous talent into a company, then letting them fail due to the culture of the workplace can be detrimental. Too many companies hire for cultural fit versus hiring the person most capable to perform the job. Bobby Chacko explained that too many times, the person doing the hiring chooses employees that look, act, and aspire like themselves. This is what leads to an under-diversified workplace that can stunt the growth of a business.

“Leaders need to take stock of their own superficial bias/unconscious bias, such as tattoos, weight, color etc.,” Bobby Chacko said. “They need to tap into the diversity of thought, experience, and execution capability as the basis to build representative teams to drive progress and growth for their enterprises.”



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